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Cafe Solo Christmas Menu Online

Solo Specials - Thursday 16th Feb 2012

Solo Bar and Grill

  • Cajun spiced salmon Caesar with pancetta - 10.50
  • Individual fish & tarragon pie with sauteed vegetables - 10.95
  • Vegetable & lentil soup with crusty bread & butter - 4.95
  • All Day Breakfast - 5.95

Solo Express Europort

  • Vegetable & lentil soup - 2.95
  • Red pesto chicken salad wrap - 3.60
  • Broccoli & bacon salad - 1.60
Cafe Solo - Valentine’s
Solo Specials - 14 Feb 2012

Solo Bar and Grill

Deep fried fresh boquerones with mixed salad & aioli - 7.95

Langostine & pea risotto with cream of shellfish & shaved parmesan - 11.50

Mixed vegetable soup with crusty bread & butter - 4.95
Solo Specials - 3 Feb 2012

Solo Bar and Grill (+350 200 62828)

  • Moroccan spiced lamb shank on buttered mash with
    seasonal vegetables - 11.50
  • Goats cheese, cherry tomato & balsamic sweet onion filo tart with
    mixed salad - 8.50
  • Chicken and sweetcorn soup with crusty bread & butter - 4.95
  • Special Wrap of the Day with Solo fries & coleslaw - 7.95
  • All Day Full English Breakfast - 5.95

Solo Express Europort

  • Chicken and sweetcorn soup - 2.95
  • Ham & pea pasta salad - 1.60
  • Chicken fajita with spinach & melted cheese wrap - 3.60
  • Minute steak baguette - 5.25
  • Solo Burger with Solo fries and salad - 5.50 (add melted cheddar) - 5.75
  • Spicy Meatball Melt Sub - 5.25
Web Development

Over the next few weeks there will be noticeable changes to the Sologib website.

The website is due for an upgrade and will be more customer focused. The current website is slowly showing its age and will require refining slightly so that users can easily navigate across the website.

There is also a need to integrate the Specials with the website rather than a standalone feature. With this there will also be integration with social networks which is a major part of the 21st century.

For Children in Need

Solo Europort are putting on another special day, pyjama party!

"Hello People we are at it again raising Money for children in need, come and see us in europort we are having a lazy day……In our pajamas we just cant be bothered getting dressed…..Grab a cookie or a spoty cake….for your generosity…We cant wait to see you xx"

P.S. “Limited availability on cookies and cakes xx”

Teresa Connelly from Facebook


Like any business, we like customer feedback.

Tripadvisor is a world renowned website offering customer reviews from all types of clients for different needs.

Cafe Solo and Solo Express Casemates are the only establishments currently reviewed on the website and we’re looking for more. Revamp

A planned revamp will happen over the next few months in order to provide a customer focused and more efficient website.

The website will feature html5 and css giving it a close resemblance to a Flash website. The idea is to have an interactive site that users can easily navigate.

Problems are currently occuring with some browsers and this is been addcordingly.

The website will not go down at any point during the process.

'Halloween Special' from Solo Express Girls

"Hello Peeps, Just to let you know we are having abit of fun at europort tomorrow come and see the witch at work with her little pumpkins ……We are donating our tip´s to charity, We thought as its halloween and we are celebrating the day of the dead then why not put our tip´s to good use in the poppy appeal for remberence day !!!!!! So come and join us and have a lovely little treat while your there……See you soon"

Quoted from Facebook Page for Solo Europort

@sologibraltar - Tweeting your reservation

Today, Patrick Canessa was the first person to try a new method…tweeting a reservation.

Patrick reserved his table this morning for lunch at Cafe Solo in Casemates.

This is considered a new method of reserving a table and certainly a first (at least that we know of) in Gibraltar.

We thank Patrick for his initiative and hope he had a good meal.

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